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Join the Flamespec Webinar Series #4

providing an insight into flame detector applications and installation considerations.  

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What You Will Learn

Application and Installation Considerations



Flame Detectors can be applied in Fire Safety Systems in many different applications but it is extremely important to make the correct device selection according to the application. Correct device selection ensures that the identified risks can be covered to provide fast speed of response with minimal false alarms


Detector Location

Location can be as critical as correct detector selection. Correct placement of the detector ensures as much of the hazard as possible is covered and minimising the chance of false alarm sources. Placement of multiple devices can help further by offering voting and additional points of view of the hazard



Learn how the FlameSpec features match the needs of todays clients and applications, from Li-Ion fires to offshore windfarms, from loating LNG Vessels to Ammonia plants. FGD has the application covered. With additional Integrated IP camera we give the client/operator the greatest level of safety and security available.

Sept 14th

5pm CEST

1 Hour

About The Host

Expert who will be conducting this webinar

Dr Eliot Sizeland

Fire & Gas Detection Technologies Inc.

Dr Sizeland’s involvement with fire and gas detection dates back to 1991, and his last year project of his undergraduate degree. Dr Sizeland graduated from the University of Wales, Swansea, Faculty of Engineering with a Bachelor’s degree and received his PhD working with semiconductor gas sensors at the University of Southampton in 1995. Dr. Sizeland is a Chartered Engineer and member of the UK Institute of Measurement and Control. 

More Reasons to Signup

Benefits of joining this webinar


Better specify flame detection according to the application


Understand the importantance of positioning the flame detector for optimum performance

Best Practice

Understand and apply some of the best practices applied to flame detection selection and placement


Appreciate the features required in a flame detector by application


Become familiar with the basics of Applications and Detector placement

Myth Buster

Bust some common myths around flame detection selection and placement

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